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Schedule a women's self-defense seminar for you, your friends, or your co-workers. The information you'll learn could save your life!
Julie Elrod has been teaching self-defense in Maryland for the last 33 years. She owns and operates one of the largest martial art schools in the country, and holds black belts in several different styles including a 9th Degree Black Belt in both the Japanese arts of Taijutsu, as well as a 2nd Degree Black Belt in both Hapkido and Taekwondo. Shidoshi Elrod is a Certified Expert in Self-Defense in the State of Maryland, is a certified Travel Marshall for American Airlines, and is a member of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. She is a bestselling children’s book author on children’s safety and was featured on the national television show “To Tell the Truth” as the Ninja Mom.

​Seminar participants will learn basic self defense skills, break a board, and get 3 FREE lessons!
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Cost for the party is $175.00 for a maximum of 15 guests (not including the birthday child.) Price includes VIP Pass for each guest that's not currently an AAMA student to try three free karate lessons, birthday party invitations, ninja figures for party goody bags, a board for the birthday child to break, utensils and paper goods, and a party that your child will never forget! Price DOES NOT include pizza, cake, goody bags, or drinks.

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Protect your kids against bullying by having them learn the skills to protect themselves. Book an anti-bullying / self defense seminar with AAMA for a fun and interactive way to boost your child’s confidence!
Our seminars are a GREAT way to teach your kids how to handle any situation with bullies in the most appropriate and effective manner.  
Bring your friends, classmates, girl scout / boy scout troop, home-school group... anyone will benefit from this seminar! 

AAMA Anti-Bullying Seminars​​

Seminar participants will:

  • Learn to increase their awareness and recognize potentially dangerous situations

  • Learn how to exploit their attacker’s weaknesses
  • Lean effective physical techniques that don’t rely on speed, strength, or power

CALL 410-964-2262 FOR MORE INFORMATION! Seminar is open to all females ages 14 and older. Seminar is one hour and 15 minutes, flexible days and times. The cost for corporate seminars is $500.00 for up to 45 participants. Seminar to be held at the American Academy of Martial Arts, 8910 Route 108, Columbia, MD or alternate location if requested.  If you only take one seminar this year, be sure it’s this one!

The information you learn could save your life!
**SPECIAL LEVEL 2 SEMINAR S ALSO OFFERED!  Learn how to defend while on the ground, how to use “natural” weapons that you have access to at all times, and how to use your environment to your advantage!  (Must have completed Level 1 seminar to take Level 2.)

Anti Bullying & Women's Self Defense Seminars

Don't Be A Victim!  Taught for Women, By Women!

Birthday Parties​

"Mom, my best party was the karate one at AAMA!"

Seminar is 40 minutes (flexible days and times available for booking)

  • $15 per child
  • 10 kids minimum
  • Ages 5-14

We do KICKIN' birthday parties! Our birthday parties have a curriculum just like our classes. Every minute is filled with safe, fun, and meaningful activities. You will not see your kids running around in a wild,uncontrolled environment or standing around being bored. The party is a fast paced, action filled, excitement packed, music friendly experience for children ages 5-12. 

Parties are held on Saturdays from 2:00-3:30 PM. We provide the entertainment for the first 45 minutes of the party and then we turn the party over to the parents for pizza, cake, and gift opening time. Then once you are done, hand the kids back over to us for more games!

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